Automatic Pin Insertion Stiletto Heels Injection Molding Machine

Automatic Pin Insertion Stiletto Heels Injection Molding Machine

Automatic Pin Insertion Automatic Pin Insertion Stiletto Heels Injection Molding Machine (H-102) is specialized for making ABS, PS material's heels. Both pin insertion and non-pin insertion is suitable in high capacity and man-power saving. We are a well-reckoned Automatic Pin insertion Stiletto Heels Injection Machine Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier in Taiwan (Taichung).


  • Provide pin box, fully automatic pin dispatch and insertion operation
  • Available for making with or without pin insertion heels
  • Machine is with two locations for two different individual moulds to be operated simultaneously or alone and is thus convenient for production management.
  • Comes with electrical control and hydraulic control protection system plus safety bar triple protections for ensuring the best operation safety.
  • Automatic self-inspection alarm system; included pin supply warning, out of order warning, molding take-off self inspection, counting announcement, etc.
  • Fully automation design
  • Injection nozzle connects with molds directly
  • No waste material spur production & save material and man power
  • Equipped with automatic water cooling conveyer. Finished heels will be completed cool in water and shaped at the same time. A conveyer will dispatch heels ready for packing.
  • Automatic counting system controls production capacity
  • Easy production management
  • H-101r is especially designed for round molds standard, which is suitable for typical or twin tapered heels.

Technical Specifications

Model H-101R H-102 H-103
Material ABS, PS ABS, PS ABS, PS
Productivity 195-300 pairs/hr. 195-300 pairs/hr. 195-300 pairs/hr.
Operation Full automatic Full automatic Full automatic
Motor screw driving Hydraulic motor Hydraulic motor Hydraulic motor
Screw diameter 42 m/m 42 m/m 45 m/m
Max. Injection volume per shot 207 cm3 207 cm3 318 cm3
Injection speed 7.2 cd/sec 7.2 cd/sec 10.8 cd/sec
Clamping force 30 Tons 30 Tons 36 Tons
Injection pressure 850 kg/cm3 850 kg/cm3 996 kg/cm3
Opening space 263 m/m 263 m/m 510 m/m
Mould space (LxW) 127 mm diameter 420x350 mm 520 x 400 mm
Mould thickness 140 mm 140-180 mm 140-300 mm
Machine dimension (LxMxH) 3.7x0.7x1.45 m 4.7x1.0x1.45 m 5.6x1.2x2.1 m
Conveying cooling trough (LxWxH) 1.78x0.58x0.68 m 1.8x0.8x0.85 m 2.0x0.9x1.0 m
Machine weight 2.0 Tons 3.0 Tons 4.5 Tons